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Are you looking for samples for your project? We have thousands of Nylon, Aluminium, Titanium & Brass Products In Stock.

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Teknipart Ltd
Alexia House,
Littlemead Industrial Estate
Surrey, GU6 8NE (U.K.)

Telephone 0333 207 9969

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Contact Us

Teknipart Ltd

Alexia House

Glenmore Business Park

Portfield Works


West Sussex

P019 7BJ

Telephone 0333 207 9969
or + 44 (01483) 26 67 99
Fax + 44 (01483) 26 67 98
Email sales@teknipart.co.uk

Company registration no. 861056
Company VAT number 2269467
For other bank details visit our FAQs page.

Contact the Teknipart Sales Support Team either via telephone, fax or email and we will respond within 24 hours. Technical engineers are available throughout the UK to visit and discuss your application, please contact us to arrange a visit.

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