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Teknipart Ltd
Alexia House
Glenmore Business Park
West Sussex, PO19 7BJ

Telephone 0333 207 9969

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About Us

Teknipart, part of Essentra Components, has grown into a leading supplier of machine accessories and access components. From it’s range of over 18,000 parts, Teknipart offers unique and innovative solutions to every day design and engineering problems, and continues to focus on “Making finding the difficult easy!”.

Teknipart’s website and dedication to continual expansion of our 3D CAD library means we are always focusing on delivering the latest information in easy to use and easily accessible formats. Available directly from the website Teknipart’s CAD models are available in a wide range of popular formats: SolidWorks, ProE, Sat, Step, Parasolid and Iges.

The Teknipart business philosophy is driven by delivering three core aspects for our customers:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent products
  • Excellent stockholding

Having been acquired by Essentra Components in 2022, Teknipart continues to operate under its own brand, as does Wixroyd and Automotion Components, our sister companies.

Essentra Components is a global market leader in the components world, with a history of over 65 years of producing essential components across a range of industries and applications.

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