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About Us

Wixroyd Access Components has grown into the leading UK supplier of machine accessories, design elements, access components and clamping & fixturing parts. From its product range of over 18,000 parts Wixroyd Access Components offer unique and innovative solutions to every day design and engineering problems, and continues to focus on "Making finding the difficult easy!".

Incorporated in June 1951, Wixroyd Access Components International Limited is a privately owned business still held in the same family as its founders. 60 years on and, while Wixroyd Access Components continues to service the UK engineering industry, little is recognisable from its original Trafalga Square office and single product offering of a square hole drill.

Our customers demand easy access to unique products to help them solve their application issues; our 800 page Standard Parts catalogue, and 300 page Access Components catalogue are often the first point of reference for many a good designer looking for solutions, the Wixroyd Access Components catalogues forming the corner stone of technical libraries.

Wixroyd Access Components's on-going web site development, and dedication to continual expansion of our 3D CAD library means we are always focusing on delivering the latest information in easy to use and easily accessible formats. Available either directly form our website, or on our 3D CD collection (click here to request a copy), Wixroyd Access Components CAD models are available in a wide range of popular formats; Solidworks, ProE, Sat, Step, Parasolid and Iges.

The Wixroyd Access Components business philosophy is driven by deliverying three core aspects for our customers:
Excellent customer service
Excellent products
Excellent stock-holding

A team of 25 staff; customer service support, technical sales area managers, despatch control, CAD engineers, marketing and accounting help the business to deliver the best solutions to our customers.
We are a company which serves business-to-business users, from across the diverse range of industries in the U.K.

In early 2002 The Wixroyd Access Components Group was formed to incorporate a range of associated businesses, all of which operate as separate and independent legal entities, their focus; to expand the breadth of product offering to design and technical engineers. Some of the other memebers of the Wixroyd Access Components Group include the following companies:

Automotion Components Ltd
Springfix Linkages (part of Automotion Components Ltd)
Coburg Components Ltd
Hillcliff Tools Ltd

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