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Titanium Screws

Titanium (Ti) is an element with good corrosion resistance that make it the perfect element to produce fasteners. These fasteners hold their own huge set of benefits and advantages. Titanium fasteners are used in numerous different industries. Some specific industries include: aerospace, automotive, chemical, paper, pulp, architectural, consumer, marine, medical, and various other industries.

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Cheesehead Titanium Screws

Cheesehead titanium screws - Available in sizes from M3 to M6. Maximum length of 60mm. Made to DIN 84.

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Hexagon Flanged Titanium Screws

Hexagonal flanged titanium screws. Available in metric sizes M5 to M12. Lengths available from 5mm to 90mm.

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Hexagon Head Titanium Screws

Hexagon head titanium screws. Available in metric sizes M3 to M6. Made to DIN 933. Lengths from 10mm to 70mm.

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Socket Button Head Screws

Socket button head screws. Available in metric sizes M5 to M8. Lengths available from 16mm to 30mm.

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Socket Countersunk Screws

Socket countersunk screws. Available in metric sizes M3 to M6. Made to DIN 7991. Lengths from 10mm to 60mm.

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Socket Head Cap Screws - Thin Head

Socket head cap screws - Thin Head. Available in metric sizes M3 to M6. Made to DIN 6912.

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Socket Tapered Capscrews

Socket tapered capscrews. Available in sizes M5 to M10. Lengths from 10mm to 110mm. Large range available from stock.

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Titanium Studding

Titanium studding available. Sizes from M4 to M16. Made to DIN 975. Available in lengths of 1000mm.

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