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Technical Information Materials - Brass

Physical and mechanical characteristics of brass
Designation CU3 CU2
Material Code (DIN EN) CuZn39Pb3 CuZn37
Material number (DIN EN) CW614N CW508L
Material code (old DIN EN) CuZn39Pb3 CuZn37
Other names 2.0401 2.0321
Other names Brass MS58 Brass MS63
Properties Excellent machinability, good hot working properties, poor cold working properties, suitable for machining on automatic machines Good hot forming properties, excellent cold working properties, good soldering and welding properties, excellent polishing properties
Use Main alloy for machining. Gearwheels,turned parts, screws , drop forgings Main alloy for cold working. Deep drawn parts, screws, springs, platens.
Density (g/cm3) approx 8.50 8.40
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