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Order No. Order by articlenumber Type Order by parameter d1 4H6H Order by parameter Thread type d1 Order by parameter d2 4h Order by parameter Thread type d2 Order by parameter l1 Order by parameter Inst. tool ref. TR1710 Order by parameter Inst. tap drill size +.080, -.025 Order by parameter Inst. C'sink hole size +,25 -,00 Order by parameter Inst. thread tap 6H Order by parameter Inst. thread tap depth min. Order by parameter Rem. drill size Order by parameter Rem. drill depth Order by parameter Price/stock Add to basket
TR1606.80382 NL M 2x0,4 Coarse M 4x0,7 Coarse 3,00 .0820 3,4 4,1 M 4x0.7 4,0 2,8 2,00
TR1606.80383 NL M2,5x0,45 Coarse M4,5x0,75 Coarse 3,81 .0830 3,9 4,6 M4,5x0,75 5,0 3,0 2,00
TR1606.80384 NL M 3x0,5 Coarse M 5x0,8 Coarse 4,25 .0840 4,4 5,1 M 5x0,8 5,5 3,5 2,25

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TR1606.80386 NL M 4x0,7 Coarse M 6x0,75 Fine 5,25 .0860 5,5 6,1 M 6x0,75 6,5 4,6 2,50

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Technical & Application


Inserts - 4140 alloy steel (160 KSI Min).
Keys - 302 CRES.
Cadmium plate (QQ-P-416 Type II, Cl. 2). Dry film lubrication on self-locking inserts only.

Technical Notes

All dimensions in millimetres.
Internal threads: to Fed. Std. H28/21, MJ Form
General tolerances -
+/- 0,25mm, unless specified.
Tap drill hole tolerances -
6,9 to 10,8 = +0,100/-0,025
12,8 and over = +0,130/-0,025
NL = Non-Locking type.


Order installation tool separately, as identified by "Inst. Tool ref." in table.

Important Notes

Four locking keys on internal threads M6 and over. Two locking keys on internal threads smaller than M6.
Installation (Inst.) drill size, counter sink, thread tap and thread depth as specified in table.
Removal (Rem.) drill size and drill depth as specified in table.
Perform to standards: NA0148


Order No. In stock Bal. QtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unitQtyPrice/unit
TR1606.80382 0 7-10 days 1-9-10-19-20-49-50-99-100-499-500-999-1000+-
TR1606.80383 0 7-10 days 1-9-10-19-20-49-50-99-100-499-500-999-1000+-
TR1606.80384 0 7-10 days 1-9£ 117.6510-19£ 105.8920-49£ 100.0050-99£ 94.12100-499£ 76.47500-999£ 70.591000+£ 52.94
TR1606.80386 0 Pls Call 1-9£ 26.0010-19£ 23.4020-49£ 22.1050-99£ 20.80100-499£ 16.90500-999£ 15.601000+£ 11.70

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CAD & Data Sheets

Product Datasheets

TR1606 Threaded Insert MS/NAS - Mini - Metric 1 MB pdf
Miniature 4 MB pdf
Threaded Inserts 28 MB pdf

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